Adding Scales to Koi Printer Connect on Windows

  • Download the Koi Printer Connect Client.
  • Double-click the downloaded icon.
  • Allow Koi Printer Connect to make changes.

Accept the agreement, then click “Next”.

Click “Next” again.

Click “Next” again.

Select “Create Desktop Shortcut” and click “Next”.

Click Install

Allow the client to install (this may take some time).

Select “Launch Printer Connect” and click “Finish”.

Enter your “Printer Connect Credentials”. Note that these are different from your Koi login credentials.

Click the “System Tray Chevron” to view your “System Tray Icons”.

Right-click the Printer Connect icon and select “Quit”.

Type “cmd” into the Windows search box.


cd "\Program Files"

and press Enter.


cd "Printer Connect"


PrinterConnect.exe —web-interface

Click “Allow Access”.

Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8888.

Click the “Scales” menu item.

Select the COM port your scale is connected to (for example, COM Port 3).

Select “Chick Koi WebUSB Postage Scale”.

Click “Add Scale”.

As you add weight to the scale, the measurement should update.

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