Connecting Shopify Store to Koi

As a merchant you may with so import your Shopify Orders and Inventory into Koi. It is possible to do this by creating a custom app in Shopify.

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Step 1: Creating a Shopify Custom App

  • Log into your Shopify Admin
  • Click the Apps link on the left menu

  • Click the App and sales channel settings button at the bottom of the menu

  • Click the Develop Apps link

  • Click the Create an app button

  • Give your app a name, for example "Stock Sync"
  • Click the Create App button

  • Click the Configure Admin API scopes button

  • Enable all the scopes by ensuring all the checkboxes are checked.

  • Scroll down to the end of the list
  • Select the (Latest) from the Event version menu 1️⃣
  • Click the Save button 2️⃣

  • Click the API credentials tab item 1️⃣
  • Click the Install app button 2️⃣

  • Click the Install button

  • Copy the Admin API access token 1️⃣, API key 2️⃣ and API secret key 3️⃣ for later use in Koi

Step 2: Adding your Shopify Custom App to Koi

  • In Koi go to Koi Settings by clicking the Settings gear icon 1️⃣ on the top right hand corner
  • Go to Shopify Stores settings by clicking on the Shopify Stores 2️⃣ link
  • Add a new Shopify Store by clicking the Add Shopify Store 3️⃣ button

  • Optionally, give your store a unique emoji 1️⃣ (this makes it easier to identify where orders came from when looking at them in a list view).
  • Add your Shopify Store Name 2️⃣
  • Add your Shopify Domain 3️⃣ (for example
  • Paste in your API key 4️⃣
  • Paste in your API secret key 5️⃣
  • Paste in your Admin API access token 6️⃣
  • Click the Save 7️⃣ button

Your Shopify store is now connected to Koi. Your products and orders will be imported automatically. Depending on the number of records in Shopify, this process could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

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