Exploring the Koi Fulfillment Screen

The Koi Order Fulfilment Screen is jam-packed with features that make fulfilling orders faster and more efficient.​

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A screenshot of Koi's Order Fulfillment Screen

Fulfillment Articles Section

Koi supports creating carrier fulfillments with multiple parcels. The Fulfillment Articles 1️⃣ section displays information about each parcel.

The Fulfillment Articles

Fulfillment Line Items

Within each Fulfillment Article (parcel), you can have multiple Fulfillment Line Items 2️⃣, these are the line items that you're shipping within the parcel. You can add and remove items from a parcel.

A single Fulfillment Line Item

Shipping Stationery

Koi can assign Shipping Stationery 3️⃣ to a Fulfillment Article.

Selected Stationery

Stationery selection modal

Doing so will automatically populate the Dimensions 7️⃣ of the Fulfillment Article. This information is sent to shipping carriers when required.

Fulfillment Article Dimensions (these are provided to the shipping carrier)

Calculated Weight

The Calculated Weight 4️⃣ is Koi's prediction of how heavy a Fulfillment Article should be.

The Calculated Weight shows an error if some of the items in the fulfillment article don't have packed weights saved against them.

If some of the items in the Fulfillment Article are missing weights, you can add them by clicking Fix missing.

The interface for updating the packed weight of a Product Variant.

Clicking on the Calculated Weight 4️⃣ will set the Declared Weight 6️⃣ to this Calculated Weight.

The Declared Weight, this is what is sent to the shipping carrier.


If you have a set of Koi Scales, your live weight readings will be shown. Clicking on the Scales 5️⃣ will set the Declared Weight 6️⃣ to the weight from the scales.

Live weight readings from the Koi Scales

Declared Weight

The Declared Weight field is the weight we will provide to your shipping carriers. You can set the Declared Weight by manually entering it in the field, or by clicking on Scales 5️⃣ or Calculated Weight 4️⃣. The weights are in Kilograms.

Declared Weight Field


The Dimensions 7️⃣ are the dimensions of your Fulfillment Article. The dimensions are in centimeters.

Fulfillment Article dimensions. These editable fields are sent to your shipping carrier when required.

Add Package

The Add Package 8️⃣ button lets you add another Fulfillment Article to your Fulfillment. This allows you to ship multiple parcels in the same consignment. Note: Not all carriers support multi-parcel or multi-article consignments (e.g. Sendle).

The "Add Package" button, which adds an additional fulfillment article to the fulfillment.

Shipping Rates

Your Shipping Rates 9️⃣ are shown below your Fulfillment Articles. The shipping rates will update when you change the weight and dimensions of your Fulfillment Articles.

A list of shipping rates provided by the shipping carrier Australia Post

Shipping rates will be unavailable if your article is above or below the weight supported by your carrier, exceeding the dimensions supported by your carrier, exceeding other business rules provided by your carrier (e.g. parcel volume/cubic, mismatch in Suburb, State and Zip).

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