Flagging Products for Promotions

In the Koi Ecommerce management platform, merchants can utilize the promo flag feature to mark specific product variants for future marketing promotions. This guide aims to explain the purpose of the promo flag, its benefits, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to flag a product variant for promotion. By using this feature, merchants can easily identify and compile a list of products suitable for marketing campaigns, even when the inventory management and marketing responsibilities are handled by different individuals.

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Benefits of Using the Promo Flag:

  1. Efficient Marketing Campaigns: The promo flag allows merchants to identify products in advance that are suitable for marketing promotions, ensuring a smoother campaign execution.
  2. Streamlined Inventory Management: By flagging products for promotion, merchants can proactively address excess stock or slow-moving items, allowing for better inventory management and planning.
  3. Timely Promotion of Expiring Products: Merchants can use the promo flag to highlight products approaching their expiration dates, enabling them to create time-sensitive promotions and prevent product wastage.

How to Flag a Product Variant for Promotion

A product variant can be be flagged for promotion in multiple places:

On the Order Screen

    • Access the order view in the Koi Ecommerce management platform.
    • Locate the desired product variant within the order.
    • Right-click on the line item corresponding to the product variant.
    • From the context menu that appears, select "Flag for promotion."

On the Products List View

    • Navigate to the products list view in the Koi platform.
    • Find the specific product variant you wish to flag for promotion.
    • Right-click on the product variant entry.
    • From the options presented, select "Flag for promotion."

On the Product Variant Page

    • Go to the product variant page for the product you want to flag.
    • Look for the "Actions" menu, usually located at the top or side of the page.
    • Right-click on the "Actions" menu.
    • Choose the "Flag for Promotion" option from the available actions.

Viewing Product Variants that are Flagged for Promotion

  • Click the Products 1️⃣ menu item
  • Click the Promo Flag 2️⃣ menu item


The promo flag feature in the Koi Ecommerce management platform provides merchants with a convenient way to mark specific product variants for future marketing promotions. By flagging products, merchants can easily identify items suitable for campaigns, address excess stock, manage slow-moving products, and promote time-sensitive offers. Following the steps outlined in this guide, merchants can effectively utilize the promo flag and streamline their inventory management and marketing processes.

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