What is the current availability, and how is it calculated?

The current availability of a Product Variant in the Koi ecommerce platform refers to the real-time quantity of a specific product that is currently available for purchase.

It is calculated by tracking the number of units in Koi's inventory that have not been sold or allocated to pending orders, considering incoming stock, outgoing orders, and adjustments such as returns or cancellations.

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Viewing the available inventory for a product variant

  • A product variant's available inventory can be viewed by going to a Product Page
  • Selecting the Product Variant 1️⃣
  • Scrolling down the Availability & Quantity 2️⃣ tabs
  • Clicking the Current Availability 3️⃣ tab

Understanding the Current Availability table

The Current Availability table outlines how the Total Available for your Product Variant is determined.

The table above shows that Warehouse Location B.B.5.4 has 50 units, with one unit allocated to Order #10648 . As there are 50 units of the product variant on the shelf, with one unit allocated to an order. This leaves 49 units available for sale to other customers.

Adjusting the quantity of inventory available

You can update the inventory quantity for multiple locations within Koi, via the Product Variant Page and the Inventory Location Page.

Product Variant Page

If you're managing your inventory with warehouse locations, you can adjust the available amounts by altering the quantity of inventory within a warehouse location.

  • To change the quantity within an inventory location, on the product variant page, click the Inventory Locations 1️⃣ tab within the Availability & Quantity section.
  • Then click the Edit 2️⃣ button. This will show you the inventory location fields you can edit.

  • Set the Quantity field 1️⃣ of the Inventory Location and then click the Update 2️⃣ Button.

☝️ Remember

Koi Warehouse Inventory locations should mirror reality:

  • You cannot have a negative quantity within a Warehouse location.
  • The quantity on in the location should be what is on the shelf.

Inventory Location Page

You can update the quantity of a product directly on the Inventory Location page by:

  • Clicking on the Warehouse 1️⃣ menu item
  • Clicking on the Stock Locations 2️⃣ menu item
  • Searching for your Warehouse Inventory Location
  • Updating the Available in this location 3️⃣ in the location
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