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What is the Control Pod

The Control Pod is a useful feature designed to make accessing critical hardware, assistance and the Koi AI assistant readily available all the time.

Located in the bottom right-hand corner of Koi, you can see:

  • the weight from your Koi scales,
  • the connected status of the scales,
  • the USB status,
  • access to our help chat,
  • and access to your Koi AI assistant who can perform functions within Koi on your behalf.

Monitoring Weight, Scales and USB Status

The Koi postage scales use a technology called WebUSB that allows your Chome based web browser to directly interfaces with your postage scales, providing real-time weight data.

When your Koi account has access to the scales, the scale icon will appear green.

When you are using the web browser tab that has access to the Scales via webusb, the USB icon will appear green. Your scales are automatically shared with other browser tabs that are associated with your user account.

Access Koi Tech Support

Beyond monitoring, the Control Pod also makes support readily accessible. With one click, you can initiate a chat with tech support to resolve any issues or get your queries answered.

Open the Koi AI Assistant

The Koi AI assistant is also just a button click away, ready to provide immediate, automated help for common taks such as writing customer service emails and getting information about orders.

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