Koi AI Assistant

The Koi AI Assistant can assist with answering questions, or starting and responding to customer enquiries over email.

On this page

Send an email to a customer

  • Click on Orders
  • Click on the Order to view the order page
  • Click on Koi
  • Koi AI Assistant should now slide into view, and is ready to assist.

  • Prompt the Koi AI Assistant to assist you with writing an email to the customer

  • Press the Send button to send the email to the customer
  • Alternatively, a new prompt can be submitted by using your voice. To do so, click on the microphone icon to the right of the input field

Chat with Koi AI Assistant

Koi AI Assistant can also assist you with any questions you may have about the order. For example, you can ask it about the details of the order, or a question about the products.

  • Click on the Chat button
  • Click on the input field and submit your question

  • Wait for Koi AI Assistant to finish typing out the response
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