Adding a Purchase Order Number to an Order

A Purchase Order Number is a unique identifier assigned to a specific order made by your customer to a merchant, facilitating tracking and reference in business transactions.

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Where are Purchase Order Numbers found in Koi

Purchase Order Numbers can be found at the top of an Order's Line Item table.

They are also displayed on the Order Lists within Koi

Purchase Order Numbers on Tax Invoices

A PDF tax invoice displaying the purchase order number in the top right-hand corner.

When you add a Purchase Order Number to an Order in Koi, any Tax Invoices that are generated afterwards will display the Purchase Order Number in the top right corner.

Adding Purchase Order Number to an Order in Koi

You can add a purchase order number by:

  • Clicking the Actions 1️⃣ drop down
  • and then clicking the Add Purchase order Number 2️⃣ drop down item
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