What is COGs and COGs currency?

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Add COGs and COGs Currency

In Koi, COGs stands for "Cost of Goods Sold", it is how much a product costs. COGs are used to calculate how much profit you are making.

COGs currency refers to the currency in which the cost of goods sold is measured and recorded in your Koi store. Here's how you can add information on COGs and COGs currency for a product:

  • Go to Products
  • Select the product to navigate to the Product Page

  • Scroll down or click on Purchasing on the side bar found on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Enter the cost of the product in the COGs field. This value represents the direct cost of producing or acquiring one unit of the product.
  • For COGs currency, select the appropriate currency from the dropdown menu. This ensures that the COGs are recorded in the correct currency for accurate reporting.
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