Overriding values synced to Shopify

Koi enables you to sync inventory quantities (total available units) and prices (both RRP and compare at price) to Shopify. However, there may be times when this isn't suitable for certain scenarios. You may want to have different prices on different stores, or you may want to ensure that inventory values are always set to a specific number (e.g. you may want to never run out of stock for a certain product).

In this guide, we'll look at how to override the product variant prices and inventory quantities Koi sends to your Shopify store.

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  • Every product in Koi has at least one product variant.
  • Koi sync inventory with Shopify on a per-variant basis.
  • Koi can sync your inventory levels to multiple Shopify stores.
  • Because of this, inventory and price overrides are scoped to the product variant and Shopify store.

Accessing the Product Variant's Shopify Settings

You can access the Product Variant's Shopify Settings page from the "Sales Channels" card on the Product Variant's page.


  • On a Product Page, scroll down to the Variant
  • Click on the Sales Channels Link

  • Click on the name of the Shopify store for which you wish to override the pricing or inventory values.

You will then be taken to the product variant's Shopify settings page.

Overriding prices sent to Shopify

The Product Variant's Shopify settings page has the following form on it:

When a figure is entered in the "Price" field 1️⃣ or "Compare at Price" field 2️⃣, that amount will be sent to Shopify instead of the product variant's default prices.

The name of your Shopify store will be displayed in the form's instructions 3️⃣.

Overriding the inventory quantities sent to Shopify

Under the "Price Syncing" card, there are fields that allow you to override the inventory values synced to Shopify.

The "Minimum Quantity to Sync" field 1️⃣ ensures that Koi always sends a minimum quantity to Shopify, regardless of your inventory (unless you tick the "Don't send minimum quantity when inventory unavailable" checkbox) 3️⃣.

Entering a quantity into the "Maximum Quantity to Sync" field 2️⃣ ensures that Koi won't sync more than this number to Shopify.

As above, the name of your Shopify store will be displayed in the form's instructions 4️⃣.

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