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What is Koi?

Koi is an e-commerce platform designed to support merchants in delivering their products to customers. It seamlessly integrates with leading platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay and others. This allows merchants to have a unified dashboard, streamlining the management of orders, dispatches, and stock levels.

Why do we need details about your products?

On Koi, merchants organise their shipping materials. By knowing the dimensions of these materials, Koi can autofill details for carriers, including Australia Post. Moreover, Koi monitors the stock levels of these shipping materials, alerting merchants when it's time to replenish.

Package dimensions that are sent across to shipping carriers.
Example stationery management page used by merchants.

How does this benefit your business?

Koi comes preloaded with widely-used shipping materials from suppliers like eBPack, Ozpack, and Australia Post, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Additionally, we offer direct links from Koi to your product pages. Given the multitude of similar products available, this feature makes it simpler for merchants to repurchase from your store. This not only saves the merchants time but also bolsters your sales.

Purchase Link (directly to your site) that a merchant can utilise.

Does Koi impose any fees or commission on my sales?

Absolutely not. Our primary aim is to facilitate and simplify processes for our merchants. If we save them time, we view it as a success.

What information should you provide?

Please supply the following details in a spreadsheet format:

  • Product name of your stationery item
  • SKU / Order Code
  • Internal Dimensions:
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height
  • External Dimensions:
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height
  • Weights
  • Pack quantity (e.g., 25 units)
  • A direct link to your product on your website for easy reordering by merchants.
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