Changing eParcel Printing Label Margins/Offsets

Koi enables you to set your preferences for printing labels. You may want to adjust the horizontal positioning of the label, or the vertical positioning.

In this guide, we'll look at how to set the positioning of the label by changing the label margins.

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Australia Post e-Parcel

In Koi, eParcel printing label margins/offsets can be set in the Shipping settings.
Click on eParcel
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Click on Shipping
  • Click on eParcel

Connect Australia Post to Koi for e-Parcels

  • Enter the Account Number
  • Enter the API Key
  • Enter the API Password

Changing eParcel Offsets

  • To adjust the horizontal positioning of the label, enter a value into the Printing Left Offset field. To move the label to the right, enter a positive number (e.g. ‘15’). Using a negative value will move the label towards the left
  • For vertical label repositioning, change the value in the Printing Top Offset field. To move the label downward, enter a higher value (e.g. '30'). A negative value will raise the label upwards (e.g. '-25')
  • Click on the Update eParcel button to confirm changes
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