How to create a new stationery (box)

A box is a type of stationery, just like a satchel or envelope. These useful stationeries have three dimensions. You can pre-populate the length, width, and height of these stationeries sent through the shipping carriers.

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Create a new stationery (box)

  • Select the Settings icon
  • Click on Stationery
  • Click on Boxes
  • Click on Add New Box Media

  • Type the stationery name in the Title field
  • Pick a stationery type from the Stationery Kind dropdown menu: Box, Envelope, or Satchel.
  • Toggle the button to activate the stationery
  • Fill in the Length field with a value
  • Fill in the Width field with a value
  • Fill in the Height field with a value
  • Fill in the Weight field with a value

  • Scroll down and input the stock quantity in the Current Inventory Quantity
  • Provide a value in the Barcode field
  • Fill in the Barcode Title field with a value
  • Enter a value in the MPN field
  • Enter the unit cost value in the Unit Cost field
  • Enter a value in the Purchasing URL field
  • Include any relevant details in the Notes field

Make sure to turn on the Enabled toggle, and then press the Save button to save the changes.

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