Can you ship multiple fulfillment articles with MyPost Business?

When using the MyPost Business service offered by Australia Post, you cannot send multiple items (referred to as "fulfilment articles") under a single tracking number (known as a "consignment").

In simpler terms, each item you wish to send will not only need its own separate shipping label, but will be treated as a unique shipment, even if you are sending multiple items to the same address.

You cannot group them together under one consignment number for easier tracking or potentially lower shipping costs.

What if I need to send multiple parcels to the same address?

You will need to create a new fulfillment for each parcel you send.

Is there another service that would allow me to send multiple fulfilment articles under a single consignment?

Australia Post eParcel supports multiple fulfillment articles on a single consignment.

Can I create Australia Post eParcel shipments using Koi?

Yes, Koi does support the creation of Australia Post eParcel shipments.

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