Can You Send Multiple Packages in One Go with Sendle?

When utilising Sendle's delivery services, it's important to note that you can't send multiple packages (also known as "fulfilment articles") under a single tracking number, commonly referred to as a "consignment."

To put it in simpler terms, each package you intend to send will require its own individual shipping label. Each package is considered a distinct shipment, even if multiple packages are being sent to the same delivery address.

It's not possible to combine them under a single consignment number for more convenient tracking or potentially reduced shipping rates.

What if I Need to Dispatch Multiple Parcels to One Location?

For each package you need to send, a separate fulfilment will need to be created within the Koi.

Are There Alternative Services Allowing Multiple Fulfilment Articles in a Single Consignment?

For those looking to send multiple fulfilment articles under one consignment, Australia Post's eParcel service offers this capability.

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