Turning Off MyPost Business Placeholder Labels

Our MyPost business process requires payment from a merchant's account before creating a shipping label. If you're a merchant paying by credit card, this could lead to multiple charges in a short timeframe, especially if you're buying each label individually (this could result in your credit card getting blocked*).

To mitigate this, we allow merchants to create shipments first and pay for the labels later. Instead of printing an Australia Post label immediately, we generate a temporary placeholder label. This label helps identify the package until the actual Australia Post MyPost Business label is printed.

If you prefer not to use placeholder labels, you can disable this feature.

Simply go to https://koi.app/admin/settings/mypost and uncheck the box that says "Print placeholder labels for Mypost labels not yet generated."

Go to MyPost Business Settings

  • 1️⃣ Click on the "Settings" gear
  • 2️⃣ Click on "MyPost Business"

Uncheck "print placeholder labels"

Print placeholder labels for Mypost settings
  • Once on the "MyPost Business" settings page, scroll down and uncheck "Print placeholder labels for Mypost labels not yet generated".

*That's one reason why using Australia Post eParcel may be a better option for merchants shipping more than 2000 orders per year.

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